Federal Government Recruitment Of Teachers

There are some federal Government teaching programmes with openings that we have carefully selected for you.

Teaching jobs generally differ based on its ownership. There are some owned by private individuals, the state government and others by the federal government.

Read our guide carefully to know the latest Federal Government teaching jobs with openings.

Under the current administration, there are two major federal government schemes that recruits teachers.

The Federal Government plans to recruit 500,000 graduate teachers under the N-Power Teacher Corps Scheme.

The N-Power scheme was introduced when President Buhari became President in 2015 and so far, two batches have been gainfully employed.

What You Need To Know About N-Power

N-Power is a scheme by the Buhari administration’s that have resolved to engage and train 500,000 young unemployed graduates in a paid volunteer programme with a two-year duration.

The graduates are expected to play teaching, instructional and advisory roles in primary and secondary schools, agricultural extension systems across the country, public health and community education, covering civic and adult education.

How To Apply For The N-Power Scheme

At the commencement of registration, applicants are to visit the official website of N-Power.

Before you visit the site however, there are certain things you need to posess as an applicant which include;

  • A valid email address
  • Registered Phone Number
  • Soft copies of Passport photograph
  • Curriculum Vitae in Word Document or PDF format
  • Highest Certificate (eg. Degree, HND, NCE or ND)
  • Bank Verification Number, BVN

NOTE: Do not be afraid to fill in your BVN in the N-Power form as it is compulsory. N-Power I for people that are not employed yet o anyone with a job will be kicked out of the programme.

Benefits Of Working With N-Power Scheme

Every volunteer who successfully get selected will get N30,000 monthly as well as a Computer Device. Their devices will come loaded with knowledge-oriented applications and software that will enable them to acquire the skills and capacity.

Persons enlisted under the scheme will gain work experience and acquire key competencies through academic and non-academic capacity building programmes intended to improve their competitiveness in the workplace.

Besides the N-Power teach programme, there are other schemes that the Federal Government uses to employ teachers to it’s payroll. To find out these programmes, Click here. To Apply for the N-Power Teachers programme click here. To apply for other jobs click here.