Latest Federal Government Recruitment In Nigeria

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We have carefully analysed and gathered areas in their segments with clear explanations on how to go about federal government jobs in Nigeria.

Most people especially youths tend to go for Federal jobs because of the Job security syndrome attached to it and pensions after one has retired from active service.

Ensure you read carefully and painstakingly so as to be abreast with the latest information on Federal Jobs in the country.

Generally, most Federal Government jobs act as regulators or supervisors to sectors in the country. For example, the teachers in the country are supervised by the Federal Ministry of Education.

All Federal Government jobs require qualifications for anyone who wants to come in ranging from the primary school certificate to the Postgraduate certificate.

There is a keen attachment to the Primary School Leaving Certificate. Possibly this is because anyone who has genuinely passed through primary school can read or write in English language which is our official language in Nigeria.

Salaries in the Federal sector are usually on the high side and do not differ between states a long as you are in the same sector. Federal Government educational jobs in a state pay same with another state. For example if you work in a federal secondary school in Lagos you will get the same payment with someone who works in a Federal Government school in Abuja, Kastina or Kano.

Federal Government jobs also comes with transfers a one could be transferred from a state to the other under the same sector. Most jobs in the Federal sector always provide you with accommodation as well as a good platform that takes care of your health either free or at a reduced cost using the National health Insurance scheme (NHIS).

Working with the federal sector is tantamount to saying that you will not know any form of unpaid salaries anymore as the Federal Government does not owe worker salaries at all.

Deciding to work with the Federal Government also avail you a wide range of opportunities as there are several agencies within the Federal Sector.

Here are a list of some agencies in the Federal Sector that you can pick from;


The Federal Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for jobs within this sector some of the agencies supervised by this ministry are Nigerian Institute of Oil Palm Research, Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria(CRIN) for other agencies in the agricultural sector click on Latest Federal Government Jobs In Nigeria.


Under this area, the Federal Ministry of Aviation is in charge of recruiting several employees ranging from the cabin crew, the engineers, the pilots and much more within the agencies they supervise. some of the agencies include; Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and much more. For more click here.


Some of the agencies in this sector include; Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST), Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and much more. Agencies in this sector are supervised by the Ministry of information and communication headed by the spokesperson to the President (Minister of communication and information). To get more jobs from this sector click here.


The Federal Ministry of education is in charge of regulating and directing the affairs of the basic education of a child under the 9-3-4 educational system in the country. They are also in charge of the administrative arm of the educational sector. For more jobs in this sector click here.


Jobs under this sector include working with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Budget office and much more. They are regulated by the Ministry of Finance. For more jobs in this sector click here.


Under this sector in the Federal sector we tend to have more job seekers as it is related to the Oil and Gas jobs and also electricity supply jobs.For more information on the Energy sector click here.


If your interest bothers on bio-fuel issues, sustainability issues, waste management, the ecosystem and much more then working with the Ministry of Environment is best. Click here to know how to apply.


To work within the health sector, you need not out rightly have a medical degree as there are also administrative positions available here. However the health sector is generally concerned with pharmaceutical research, combating sudden ailment(Ebola, Lassa Fever…), giving out primary health care and much more. Click here to apply.


This sector is handled by the Ministry of Defence and deals with the security of the citizens in the country. It houses the headquarter of all the defence services in the country. Click here for more.


This sector is headed by the Minister of justice and deals with administering justice and settling disputes within individuals, the state and individuals, companies and much more. Click here to apply


The Marine agency deals with anything that bothers on shipping and sailing. if your interest is about how goods get transported via the seaways then this is the best place for you. Click here to apply.


If you have interest in news casting, producing programmes, editing videos or the entertainment industry generally click here now.

The sectors in the Federal Agencies are not exhaustive as the government dependent om who is in power may decide to create more sectors or even merge some together.

For details on how to get specific offices recruiting now within these sectors, click here. You can also leave a comment on this page for any update you need as regards any job of your interest.