Oil And Gas Jobs Vacancies In Nigeria

Knowing fully well that Oil and Gas Industries pay the highest in Nigeria, if you are interested in getting a space in some of the big Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria then all you need to do is check through our guideline below to ascertain if you have what it takes.

This is where you will see big companies bothering on the Oil and Gas sector that are in need of new staff. Need i forget to intimate you that apart from your basic salary in an Oil company you are also sure to get certain allowances and incentives that could make you live as a King or Queen from the start of your career.

What Most Oil and Gas Companies Look Out For

There is a need to pay special attention at this point as you will not be picked without some or all of the following requirements.

Oil companies in Nigeria generally employ graduates with a minimum of second Class Lower degree. In Most instances, the companies are not concerned about what you studied save for their engineering sector. Generally, the reason for their less concern on what you studied is because they take people in as Graduate Trainees where you must be prepared to learn on the Job.

Your CV is your selling point to any Oil Company and you need to review and update it because that is what will determine if you will get shortlisted or not. Take your time to create a good CV do not be in a haste to submit one in case you are still interested in the Oil and Gas Company Job.

Everything about the Oil and Gas sector requires Team work. You need to develop the passion to work with a team to survive in the Oil and Gas sector. Task are always achieved based on team work.

Oil and Gas Jobs In Nigeria are either on a full-time basis or part-time pending on what i available nd what you want at the point of applying.

Most of the Oil companies in Nigeria are either owned by the Federal sector or by the Private sector.


No Oil company in Nigeria will ask you for money to get employed. Do not be scammed by anyone because of your desperation to be on the team. However, there are some recruiting agencies that could help you secure a job in tho sector. They include; Dragnet Recruitment , GMAT Nigeria and if you want to see others visit www.recruitmentnigeria.com.ng.

When Are Oil and Gas Jobs Opening?

You can always use our link to check for the latest Oil and Gas jobs at the moment but there is no time you will not find them recruiting as it is the hub of the Nigerian sector and there is always one thing to do or update as the case may be.

If yo have gone through the guide and fulfilled all the requirements and you desire to To Apply for Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria now click here.