Teaching Jobs In Nigeria

Welcome to recruitment Nigeria, a place where you are sure to get the latest teaching jobs in the country.

At Recruitment Nigeria, we have discovered that although there is a general wave of unemployment in the nation, teaching jobs seems to be the last resort to most Nigerians except those that do not really want to work.

We have carefully selected teaching jobs that will be of interest to you and this is not limited to location or discipline.

A teacher Is one who gives basic education to a child and if this bother on your interest, then you can carefully go through our guide but if not click here to find other jobs or Oil and Gas jobs with openings today.

How Do I Apply for Teaching Jobs?

Becoming a teacher is easy but not without the accurate qualification for the Job. In Nigeria, 3 sets of school have been categorised based on their qualifications.

Schools that accept Graduate degree: For these set of schools, you only need to have a university or polytechnic certificate to apply for the job. Schools in this category also do not mind if you have a Secondary school Certificate to teach their early classes (Nursery and Kindergarten).

Schools that only accept educational degree: Some schools in Nigeria will not employ you except you have obtained an educational training and acquired an educational degree. These kind of schools may even consider an NCE holder before you who have a B.sc or P.hd Degree. They generally believe that one without an educational training background will, although know the subject but will not be able to impart knowledge in the pupil or student.

Schools that look out for professional qualification: Any Job seeker wanting to work with these kinds of schools must present a certificate obtained from the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, TRCN. This means that apart from having an educational training, you must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the governing body of teachers in Nigeria have certified you to teach.

Generally, to apply for a teaching job, most schools desire you have an educational training, so that you will be able to impart knowledge in the student/pupil.

How Do I Get Latest Teaching Openings?

We have carefully observed that getting a license to own a school in Nigeria is very easy compared to putting openings on websites by them.                                                         

Therefore, we will always select latest teaching jobs in Nigeria for you on Recruitment Nigeria or you do well to visit notice boards or the Human Resource department of schools close to you.

To get teaching jobs, you may have to wait for the beginning of a new session except the management state otherwise which rarely happens.

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Note: Teaching jobs differ between primary and secondary schools. The primary level often has a class teacher except for subjects like French, music, CRK, IRK, Language, Arabic and much more.

Secondary Schools in Nigeria deal with subject teachers. We have carefully selected subject for you to apply for in any secondary school of your choice.

Here Is the list:


  • Literature
  • Economics
  • Mathematics(Compulsory)
  • English(Compulsory)
  • Government
  • Commerce
  • C.R.S
  • Marketing
  • Biology or Agricultural Science (Pick one)


  • Physics
  • Economics
  • Mathematics(Compulsory)
  • English(Compulsory)
  • Chemistry
  • Further Maths
  • Biology
  • Agricultural Science (Pick one)
  • Geography

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